31 May 2012

Shopping: May 2012

Fauxnad Plates

Barry M Magnetic Polish in Red - Boots
Gelous Advanced Gel Coat - Sally's (first impression: amazing!)

Skin System Hand and Nail Lotion - Asda 80p
(first impression: meh)

Not sure if I have mentioned on this blog before, but I am a pierced person. 
Hence the body piercing jewellery...
New bioplast stem, nice and cheap and stops gum recession 

Ickle Stretch Kit

Stargazer Glitter Shaker - Holographic

Benefit - That Gal 
Benefit - The Porefessional
(free with Glamour magazine, which of course doesn't count)

I really felt like I stuck to my no-spend. Obviously it wasn't a 100% successful no-spend month but seeing as I got the plates with points I'd saved up and the magnetic polish with boots points I did better than it seems. Going to aim for a relatively no-spend June too seeing as its coming up to my birthday and who knows what I may get. Got to try and resist the new bundle monster plates though...


  1. I'd love to see the barry m swatch. Looks pretty nice in  the bottle! what's the stargazer glitter stuff used for?

  2. I am hoping to make it work in some sort of nail art but not sure how just yet lol!

  3. Thank you! I would love to have surplus money to be buying lots of polishes with. One day soon I hope! It's not my birthday until July but its best to give him plenty of time to order especially if its something from abroad.


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