14 May 2012

Review: UV Gel Nail Lamp System: Pt.1

In conjunction with the UV Gel Top coat this lamp creates a long lasting, super shiny set of nails.

Prior to using the lamp you have to paint your nails in the typical way, base coat, then polish of choice. Once everything is fully dried (yes you can use a fast dry top coat) you need to paint a layer of the special UV topcoat on and allow that to set under the UV lamp for four minutes.


Once you have waited for them to cure and taken them out of the lamp then you will find they have a sticky residue on top, this is down to a chemical reaction. All you need to do is wipe a lint free cloth soaked in the special fluid across the nails.

This is leave you with amazingly shiny and hard / long wearing professional looking nails.

Look out for part 2 of this review to see how long wearing the nails are, as well as how to remove soak off gel nails.


  1. Ooo this sounds great, looking forward to the second part!

    1. Oh dear, I really want to do the second part but that would mean keeping the same design on for a week or so! Aghh!


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