27 May 2012

Weekly Nail Routine

I've gotten a couple of questions, both on here and twitter asking how I keep my nails looking the way they do. Finally gotten around to taking some photos! I may paint my nails daily, but unless I break and nail, or get a snag I will leave them alone generally during the week.

Once a fortnight I will use a gentle cuticle remover, as my nails seem to grow quite quickly.

I just paint it over my cuticles and let it get to work for a minute or two. The one I use is by Revlon, the area of cuticle removal is quite a heated debate in the nail world. I am not saying do it, merely this is what I do and it works for me.

Once it has had a chance to work I will use a plastic hoof stick to gently push back my cuticles. I wouldn't use a metal one or even a wooden one as they are quite hard and there is more of a chance of doing myself some damage which I wouldn't want to do.

Now on to what I do weekly

I use this Revlon Growth Treatment, which is a water like treatment and I am not too sure if it does anything but am going to use it up regardless! It dries quite quickly which is nice.

Then I go on to buffing, at the moment I am using this seven way buffer. There are some very gritty sides to it so I make sure not to use those on my nails. I do this to get rid of any new ridges which have grown in and mainly to buff and shine my natural nail.

Before Buffing          After Buffing

Using my OPI crystal nail file I will tidy up the length of my nails and give them more shape. My only criticism of a crystal nail file is you have to be so careful not to get carried away filing otherwise you can loose lots of length quickly!

After washing my hands to get off any remaining product and nail dust I quickly use this ELF cuticle oil to help add back a bit of moisture.

Final step is to use a very moisturising hand and nail cream. Lotions are all well and good but sometimes you just need a thicker intensive moisturiser. At the moment I am using one by L'Occitane, which is 20% shea butter.

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