17 June 2012

Comparison: Croc V's Crackle

What is a Croc Effect shatter polish? Well this is what Barry M did earlier this year, and there is a difference between the two:

Matt effect
Lumpy texture
Needs topcoat
Look is very random and can look undone
Must apply to dry base coat
Shatters before your eyes

Shiny and smooth finish without topcoat
The look of the shatter is more uniform
Finished look is polished
Must apply to wet base coat
More fiddly to apply
Takes a while to shatter

Don't think there is much else to say, both polishes are nice but I think I do prefer the Croc Effect. Might be worth a look even if you didn't like the other type of shatter. The standard shatter with a top coat one looks good too though so I won't be throwing out any bottles of polish! Until they are empty that is!

Which do you prefer?

Croc Effect - £3.99
Crackle Effect - £3.99


  1. The croc is so much better! I have the original Barry M nail effects and I only used it the once because I really don't think much of it, looks like they perfected the formula for the croc effects though! Onwards and upwards I hope!



  2. Yeah it does, maybe they will bring out new colours too :)


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