30 June 2012

Empties: June 2012

So this month I actually put all of my empties in a bag rather than take a photo then chuck. Someone asked me if I ever actually used up my nail polishes seeing as I have so many, and the answer is yes I do fully use them.

Lush: Its Raining Men Shower Gel - This smells amazing. If you know Lush then its the fragrance of Honey I Washed The Kids, if not it is a honey sweet scent but not that nasty honey smell. You have to smell this, makes me smile when I use it which is always a good thing.
That's Mint Shower Gel - Got this in a set for Christmas so not sure where it is from. Did its job and smelt ever so slightly of mint, that mint smell you get from Original Source but not quite 100%.
Lush: Christmas Eve - Nice enough and makes so many bubbles.
Fabulous Mascara x2 - I got these free with something a while back. One I used up, the other one I hadn't even opened and then when I finally did it was dried up. So glad I hadn't paid for something which wrecked itself.
Sally Hansen: Cuticle Cream - Sticky and not worth it. I did a review of this here.
Sally Hansen: Insta Dri Top Coat - This I love, have repurchased many times. It is perfect for quickly drying nail polishes, doesn't smudge nail art or stamping.
Miss Sporty: 150 - Nice bright red, nothing I don't have dupes of.
Collection 2000: 28 Hip Hop - Very vibrant orange, luckily I have a dupe in the form of Color Club and ELF.
MUA: Shade 18 (beige) - Nice for a quid. I have an ELF dupe which is nice and a lot less streaky.


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