9 June 2012

Swatch: Barry M - Chameleon Lilac

Basically this a polish which when you paint a topcoat on it changes colour. In the photo I painted French tips on with a top coat. So you start off with a base coat and then a coat or two of the metallic finish polish and then your imagination is your limit!

Barry M Chameleon Colour Change Polish Lilac

I'm not sure if I like this polish, in theory I like it and haven't actually seen anything like this on the market before. My issue lies with the fact it is a metallic finish polish which as we all know are notorious for streaking and brush strokes showing.

Finish: Metallic, almost foil finish
Brush Type: Standard
Anything Else? Dries really fast
How Much? 10ml
Cost: £3.99

Superdrug | Barry M | Boots


  1. I'd like to see how well this lasts- I'd normally NEVER wear a polish without a topcoat, and it's really put me off buying one of these polishes! It looks really pretty though :)

  2. Thanks for the review I wasnt sure what to think of these but I think I will leave them!

  3. Fantastic in theory, reality not so much. Still very pretty though.

  4. I think with the french tip painted with the top coat it shouldn't chip easily. But I have heard metallic finish polishes chip very easily though. Normally I don't wear polishes long enough to chip mind!


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