25 June 2012

Review: CCS Heel Balm

[Apologies for the mangled photo, I forgot to take one before I cut it up]

Product Description
"CCS Heel Balm is clinically proven to effectively control the most severe cases of rough, dry skin and cracked heels. Containing 25% Urea, the body's natural moisturiser, it breaks down hard skin and helps repair and relieve, leaving feet smooth and skin supple.

Visible improvement of skin softness, appearance and heel condition within 3 days.
Smooth, soft skin with decreased heel dryness in 7 days.
Lanolin Free.
Dermatologically Tested.
With Vitamin E"

My thoughts

Does it meet its own claims?
I wouldn't describe my feet as being the most severe rough, dry and cracked heels but after a winter in socks and boots they were after some TLC before being summer ready.

After applying to clean feet and wearing socks overnight I found that my feet were soft and tights friendly. None of that dreaded clicking noise you sometimes get with rough feet. This was after one application, amazing results which meant I didn't have to apply 3 - 7 times to see if it hit that claim. I half wish I had dried and cracked heels to test this out to see if it did work in 3 days! 

I don't not use lanolin products, as it is a by-product of animals rather than coming from an animal itself, (Being wax from the sebaceous glands of sheep). I prefer not to as the thought of using it does make my skin crawl a bit. And so this not having lanolin is wonderful!

The key active ingredient of a heel balm would be urea which 'eats' away at the dried, dead bits of skin.

From the great results I got in one application I would recommend this product to anyone with rough / dry / cracked feet. The worse they are the better this product works.

10 / 10

£5.08 - 75g

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