4 June 2012

Review: Full Repair - Perfect Ends Infusion (Step 2)

Phase two of the full repair collection from John Frieda is the Perfect Ends Mist and Perfect Ends Deep Infusion. I tried the infusion as it's more suitable for my thick hair. Don't forget to check out my reviews for step one, here and here.

"These breakthrough treatments feel like they instantly penetrate into worn, torn strands to repair the look and feel of damage whilst also protecting against damage from heat styling. Hair is left smooth, healthy looking, and full of body"

A bottle which comes in a box, it is a little excessive, but it does give the product a more pricey feel to it. While the bottle is small I have no problems in saying it'll last a long time.

The product comes with a pump top dispenser which is a really good idea. It allows the right amount of product to come out, and if you need more it is simple to pump again. No chance of wasting half the bottle because you had the top off and knocked it on the floor...
(*cough* not looking at miracle concentrate).

This is a hair oil sort of product, along the same lines of Moroccan Oil and V05 Miracle Concentrate. Leaning towards being a thin oil, in the hands and doesn't leave them with a bad residue.

How does it meet its claims?
This serum does make your hair look less damaged, I imagine this is by coating split end strands together. However it does this it is really good for smoothing down hair, stopping your hair do from going all fluffy and giving definition to the styles without making it weighed down. Which means you can still get body and movement in your hair.

I used this after I had washed but not dried my hair throughout the lengths which helped it to dry quicker than without a product. This was the case whether using heat or letting it dry naturally. My hair felt really treated and soft.

Used it at the end of doing my hair to add definition to curly / wavy styles, smoothing and sleeking out straighter styles. However I used this I still used a heat protector with it.

+ Duel purpose product
+ Smells good
+ Pump dispenser
+ Spill proof
+ Leaves hair smooth, defined without a greasy reside
+ Cheaper than Moroccan Oil

- Excessive packaging

Recommend this to everyone, and would purchase again and again!

10 / 10

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Also I tried out a voluminous side bun using these products

£6.99 - 50ml

[product provided for review purposes, this doesn't effect my honest opinion]


  1. This looks good, I'm on the lookout for some heavy duty treatments for my hair (not that I totally ruin my hair dying it and using my straighteners excessively or anything....) I'll definitely be giving this one a go! 

  2. Have you tried any other hair oils?


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