28 June 2012

Review: Nail Guides

These make doing a French tip so much more easier than trying to freehand it.

In the pack you get three different shaped tip guides

I really like to use these for French tips as while I might be able to freehand do them with my dominant hand there is no way I can with my left hand!

(excuse the tip wear, I almost forgot to photograph this)

As you can see this one seemed to work really well

Not sure as to what I would describe this shape as but it didn't work too well, perhaps I had some residue left on my nails and so the stickers didn't stick properly

Using the more traditional French style guides

Using the French guides to create a ruffian nail, a nice twist on the traditional look

Yes there is a slight learning curve with the more angular guides, even if you mess up you can remove them and reposition them. Very cheap and gives a bit of a different twist on things.

66p - 3 packs of guides

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