6 June 2012

Review: Striping Tape

Finally I am getting around to writing this blog post. I'd been wanting some striping tape for a couple of months but could I justify spending money on it. I finally did and it was only 98p for 10 different rolls of tape. Including P+P!

The site itself doesn't say how long each roll is, but these ones are the same length as the typical ones from eBay. The tape thickness is about 1mm and once you have bought these you won't be needing to purchase any more for some time to come!

You don't even have to use them as a nail decoration, you can use them as a guide to get a perfect straight line on your nails. The only limit is your imagination, or if you like looking at other peoples work their talent.

BuyInCoins don't offer a choice of colour unfortunately so you get what you get, but with ten rolls chances are you'll get something you like!

In the set I got I ended up with light pink, light blue, silver, gold, red, pink, black, purple, holographic silver and white.

If you want a look at what I have done so far with my striping tape then click here.

98p - 10pcs


  1. nice deal indeed :-D hope you will show us some more designs with these?

  2. I will try :) I need some inspiration, any suggestions?


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