18 June 2012

Storage: Make Up Wardrobe

It seems like months since I last did a storage sunday post! I had been looking for a way of storing my make up for a while, I did have some plastic draws but they were over flowing and I had a lot of clutter on my 'lady table'. I saw some advertised on QVC america on YouTube and that gave me some inspiration to make my own Make Up Wardrobe. Especially seeing the price they were charging for it!

It's about 30cm tall and doesn't usually look so botched up. I blame the flash!

That sits on my draws and fits in a lots of things, you open up the top flap and the doors and this is what I have inside...

 And yes that would be nail art striping tape!

What do you think, any good or a bit too Blue Peter style?


'If you can't say something nice, dont say nothing at all" - Thumper