19 July 2012

Hair: 1960's Beehive

With the UK weather being typically British we never seem to know whether it will be bucketing down and windy, or just raining. To me that usually means half up hair, not hot and needing it up nor too cold have have to have it down.

So when I was contacted by John Frieda wondering if I would like to try out a hair style tutorial, I thought I may as well try out the 1960's beehive, after all it may even give me a bit of height! I did it a little more casual for a more wearable look.

I didn't get the twist at the back quite right and blanked out my face because I was pulling a 'blinded by flash' face.

They also have a tutorial on how to do a topknot which would be perfect for getting all your hair up and off the face and neck if the summer ever comes!


  1. this summer germany also has english weather and i think that hairdo matches :-D


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