12 July 2012

Hair: More bleach, lightening dark hair

So after the whole colour removing process working on my roots down to my shoulders, but leaving the rest of the lengths black I was getting very frustrated at it looking like that.

<--- I did dye it using navy and red directions but as that was semi permanent it quickly came out with the bleach.

So using 20% bleach and powder and did that all over my hair. As you can see it did lighten it, came out a definite mid brown colour --->

Finally the entire length of my hair is the same colour!

Now this takes us up to the next problem. I used 40% bleach on the underneath of my hair which meant this bleach session ended up in it being a lot lighter.

And so, my next hair based adventures will have to be attempting to get the top sections lightened to be the same colour as the underneath, without killing the ends and having to loose another lot of length.

Once its all the same lightened colour bring on the VIOLET!

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