26 July 2012

Hair: Yet more bleach, all for project violet hair!

After last weeks adventures in to the world of bleach I went for the 30% volume bleach on all but the underneath of my hair. The photo of the length of my hair isn't so clear, but hope you can still see how much it has been lightened going from:
this               to               this 

My hair seemed to go a streaky ginger colour, very light for me

My hair got so hot when I was bleaching it, I don't think I have damaged my hair. After using semi permanent violet dye I am going to have to leave it a while before I do anything else to it because I think my luck may run out soon.

Hope it is now light enough to take the violet!


  1. I love your long hair!!! I'm still working on growing mine out & have been playing with fun color like you. About 2 weeks ago I touched up the bleached hair around my face then applied Manic Panic Ultra Violet. I got quite a surprise when the old auburn dye that had faded to stawberry blond with gold streaks on the back of my head turned burgundy with brown streaks! The bleached areas turned purple as planned & the brown was rather pretty. (I hadn't seen my hair brown in 30 years! LOL) I don't know what brand you're using, but color theory 101 can apply to semi-permenent hair color (yellow & purple = brown). You may or may not get the color you want when dying over hair that isn't white or bleached blond. With hair as long as yours, I recommend bleached streaks using the 40% solution so the color will show true, but you won't have to do your whole head with bleach. Bright colors are fun to play with & don't last forever so enjoy the color whatever it turns out to be!

    1. Thank you :) your hair sounds nice. I was using an equivalent of manic panic. Streaks could be the way forward if I can't get the purple to take all over. Thanks for the tips !

    2. Right now it's a patch work of colors. LOL The purple is now only in my bangs over the bleached roots & in my silver/white grow out roots everywhere else, so very little of it shows. The burgundy & brown are fading in patches so I have those 2 colors plus the fadded red & gold showing thru except where I did random bleach streaks. Those are a fadded purple or pink. The bleached areas are mostly back to blond & apricot except where the pink I did in May is showing thru the purple. Good thing I don't generally care what other people think of my hair. LOL Things I didn't do that I should have? I should have left the bleach on longer so my hair would be porous enuf to absorb the dye better; left the color on longer (I only left it in for 45 min); used heat to better set the color; & used the sealer to help hold the color longer. Manic Panic says you don't need the sealer with their product. I need the sealer! I used it on the pink & some of that is still showing.

      I can't wait to see how your hair turns out!

    3. Thank you for your tips! I think I may bleach it once more, any more than that and I think I would kill it!

  2. awesome, i hope you will be able to get a nice violet color on this hair :-*


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