22 July 2012

Review: Full Repair - Styling Spray

This is part of the John Frieda Full Repair range. The heat activated styling spray is part of stage three, the styling phase along with the root lift foam.

"A lightweight styling spray with heat protectant, that creates natural movement and long lasting hold to any style. Spray onto mid-lengths and ends before using heat styling tools to create a shiny, versatile style that lasts all day"

The bottle came in this box which you can see to the right. The product itself comes in the bottle which contains 100ml, the box is a bit cheeky it looks like it would have a larger bottle in.

The nozzle is really good and from it you do get a lovely fine mist spray. Easy to push too, I seem to have problems with sticking awkward nozzles and leave in conditioners which sort of spits out product in massive drops rather than evenly. This one is really nice though.

Smells really nice, no alcohol scent like you sometimes get. I think its a light floral scent, very nice and I have had comments on my perfume when I am very sure it was this they were commenting on!

Stickiness Factor?
Very important to know this! It is slightly sticky but if you follow the instructions and don't use too much then it is fine once the hair is dry. The root lift foam in this range is a lot worse.

Does it meet its claims?
+ Doesn't weigh your hair down, as long as you don't apply too much
+ Protects hair from heat damage
+ Lovely scented
+ Nicely shiny

- Didn't find it creates natural movement
- While it did keep my hair straight I didn't find it held it too much, or made it move about any more than usual

7 / 10


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[I was sent this for review purposes, this doesn't affect my opinions]

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