30 July 2012

Review: Soap and Glory - Off Your Face

Review: Soap and Glory - Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths

I got these for Christmas 2011 and have only just finished using them as I used them sporadically.

"Infused with poreshrink RS acid free exfolator" 

Not too sure about this poreshrinking claim, I didn't notice anything. My face felt slightly tight after using these but I put that down to needing to moisturising.

+ Didn't irritate my eyes
+ Waffle texture helps remove make up
+ Scent is very much typical Soap and Glory
+ The name 'Off Your Face' makes me smile
+ Resealable sticker part is really good
+ Left my skin feeling soft but did need to moisturise

- Not very good at removing mascara
- None moisturising
- Slight scent of windowlene along with the usual scent
- Price is out of my budget 


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