6 July 2012

Review: Travel Pamper Pack From Montagne Jeunesse

It is now officially summer time here in the UK and from the awful weather we have been having I am sure it isn't just me who is wanting to jet off to warmer climates! At this point a change would be as good as a holiday, did you see the horrific flash flooding we had?

What more could we want that a bit of TLC and pampering whether off somewhere hot or even staying home listening to some relaxing Hawaiian music and some nice scented candles going on in the background. So when I was given the opportunity to review this pamper pack I couldn't stop myself sharing with you all. Especially my fellow Brits who are suffering from the exceptionally wet hose ban summer!

Treat yourself on the go naturally! Whether you’re jetting off for a weekend city break, a hen night abroad or a last minute get away, this is the ultimate little pampering luxury that fits cosily in your hand luggage. An infusion of natural goodies, packed full of the most invigorating and refreshing ingredients for a perfect top to toe pamper treat"

So what do you actually get?

The bits you really wanted to see, the lovely natural pampering goodness

Small enough to cram in to your already bulging hand luggage. Cheap enough to buy a couple for your friends and have a relaxing night in with. Vegetarian association approved and endorsed by PETA.

Opens like a book, each side has three sachets of product

Orange Body Wash x2          Blueberry Foot Cooler

Pomegranate Masque          Apricot Skin Smoother 

 Lime Hair Masque

I like the fact that there is a range of different products in the pack, I was unaware that Montagne Jeunesse did products other than face masques. Nice for using while you are away for the weekend, pampering from head to toe literally. I know I will be buying a couple of sets for the next girls only night a glass of wine, spot of pampering and a good catch up session! Perfect.

Being that I am vegetarian I really am happy to say that this set is friendly and as usual they have the lovely little statement on the back of all there products saying that "animals are our friends - that's why we don't bash bunnies or add bits of animals". That always makes me smile, why can't more companies be kind.

I will be reviewing each of these products individually, but I just had to share with you all before the summer holiday season hit big time.

This travel pamper pack is available now from Montagne Jeunesse for £5 and if you spend over £10 it's free P+P although standard delivery is only 75p so hardly breaking the bank.

[product provided for review purposes, this doesn't effect my honest opinion]

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