19 July 2012

Review: Twist and Out Polish Remover

I doubt I need to explain the principle behind this product as the name sort of suggests what it is all about! I spotted this in a Poundshop and after the hype of the Bourjous Magic Nail Polish Remover I couldn't help but try this.

I have heard a lot of good things about this sort of thing especially when it comes down to removing the dreaded glitter polish. The Bourjous version has 75ml of product whereas this one is 55ml.

Inside of the pot is a sponge which has a cross shape cut in to the middle of it which allows you to stick your finger down the centre. The sponge is very soft and squishy, and isn't stuck to the outer packaging which means you can accidently pull out the sponge.

Took about five seconds to remove standard polish, it did take longer for the glitter polish but not much. Even with the really stubborn glitter with shaped pieces this managed to remove it within about 15 seconds. 

Dried out my skin, nail and cuticle but that was expected as it is acetone remover. Nothing a bit of lotion can't fix! Little bits of the sponge did come away from the main bit leaving bits of stained sponge on me which wasn't nice but once I knew what it was it wasn't so alarming. 

I would like to try making my own version of this with a more heavy duty sponge such as a kitchen one as it might wear better than a softer bathroom one. I think this is really handy for holidays and weekends away. Especially at this price, you wouldn't feel bad leaving it behind either.


  1. strange o.O i mean, glittery polishes are hard to remove and this really helps? need to try!


    1. The best ones for getting rid of glitter polish is one of these acetone jars with rubber spikes inside. I have one from Essence and it is amazing.


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