2 July 2012

Shopping: June 2012

First thing I bought this month was a nail polish... which isn't really surprising.
First impressions of this could be that it is equally as amazing as Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri top coat which I love.

Barry M - Chameleon Colour Changing Paint - Blue
Barry M - Chameleon Colour Changing Paint - Lilac
Barry M - Black Multi Glitter
Barry M - Retro Blue Paint
Jessica - Holo Top Coat
Superdrug - Acetone Free Polish Remover

Review is coming soon

Very pigmented

Lemony Flutter smells very lemony.
I do like my Lush card, still got some voucher credit from Christmas! 

Collection 2000 - Electric Dreams - 56
Miss Sporty - 326
Miss Sporty - 320
Miss Sporty -  Rain Drops - 470
No.7 - Damson Dream


  1. wait...lush card?! and i had to laugh a little about the first buy = nail polish :-P

    1. Yeah its just a gift card but on a credit card type thing. All black as well :) and yes as you have seen I have a thing for polish! Just a small thing that is ;)


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