23 July 2012

Swatch: Jessica - Holographic Topcoat

A different sort of polish from what I have seen before, the photo on the left is prior to shaking and the one on the right is after shaking the bottle


Both photos are one coat and were taken in LED light, the one on the left with a flash, on the right without

(Layered over two coats of ELF Black)

Finish: Fine pieces of holographic glitter in a clear base
Brush Type: Flat and wide, not as wide as OPI
Opacity: Not designed to wear alone, buildable effect.
How Much? 14.8ml - £9.75
Anything Else?  Possible Dupe for China Glaze - Fairy Dust
The neck of the lid has little indentations which makes it easier to keep a grip of.


  1. Very pretty! This mani makes me think of a night sky!

  2. yes i like yr new furry look nails

  3. n this on yr page is fibbin sayin fights to tenerife n back for 122, its so not true wen u go n look tell them off

    1. Sorry about that, I don't actually control what is advertised in the adverts.


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