2 July 2012

Swatch: W7 - Metallic Mars

This polish is a duochrome and as such is almost impossible to photograph, and so there are more photos than I would usually post

Hopefully you can see that this slight duochrome flits between purple, black cherry, deep raspberry to a milk chocolate colour. Occasionally I noticed a hint of green and almost a yellow. I'm really bad at describing the colours but hopefully the photos help me out!



Opacity: This polish needed four coats to achieve coverage, the formulation is very water-like
Scent: I didn't find this particular polish offensive smelling, but be aware many people have commented on this before
Brush Type: Standard, verging on the wider side
How much in the bottle? 15ml
Price: £1.95
From: NailPolishDirect


  1. I've ordered this! Hope it's great. A bit sad that the formula is so thin though. :P

    1. it's buildable so not too bad. Nice duochrome to it :)


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