15 July 2012

Review: UV Gel Nail Lamp System: Pt.2

This is the second part of my UV Gel Nail Lamp System review, you can see the first part here.

The polish is Barry M Black Multi Glitter. As you would imagine day one was perfect so lets start on day two.
Looks fine other than the splodges of nail polish I have on top of that on the middle finger and thumb

Cleaned off the polish splodges here, slight tip wear on the middle and index finger

This is where things started to go wrong. I was melted the edge of the middle finger with pure acetone. I damaged the corner of the thumb nail using it to find the end of some sticky tape. It came off weird, as in it caught the UV top coat and that pulled off the polish underneath. 

Very tempted to touch up the two fingers but in the name of scientific experimentation, I will try and refrain!

Day five and it looks as if the chipping to the middle finger is growing

Not a good look on day six! You can see where my nails have grown around the cuticle area. There is bad chipping to the middle finger and the thumb has chipping too. If you excuse the fluff from a cotton wool ball!

Three of the nails aren't chipped, but there is enough growth showing at the cuticle area. Barely any tip wear on the undamaged nails

The chipping is bad on the middle finger and thumb

Overall the main damage was my fault with acetone and using my nails as tools rather than jewels! I would use my UV nail system again, particularly if I was on holiday, or somewhere where I couldn't easily repaint my nails. Or if I knew I was doing something which was unavoidably harsh on the nails

Part three, how to remove the gel will be coming soon.

What do you think?


  1. I like the effect and I think it would come in really handy (excuse the pun) on a trip. I don't know how you resisted picking at it on Day Six!

    1. Totally agree with you, good for a week long trip. I need to really re do this trial and not handle acetone while testing. It was very tempting to pick at the nails, but in the name of pseudo-science I resisted!


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