22 August 2012

Comparison: Gosh Holographic V's Gosh Holographic Hero

Is it a exact copy of the previous GOSH Holographic?

I managed to find a bottle of the new polish and along with the old version thought it would be useful to do a comparison of the two.

Bottle comparison shot
Bottles look relatively similar, both containing 8ml

Indoors under a LED light?



Direct sunlight?



I do think there is a difference, GOSH holographic seems to have smaller holographic flare and gives a better holographic effect than the newer one. But the difference is slight and to the non-lacquer head unnoticeable. If you already have the original then you don't need the new holographic hero, other than for a back up! 

Holographic Hero is nice enough with a good holographic effect, however not as good as the original.

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*edit* 24th August 2012

GOSH - "Dear EnigmaticRambles: It is the same colours. We chose to relaunch Holographic. :) GOSH Cosmetics"

From what they are saying I think they are implying that it is the same polish just relaunched. I personally see a slight difference, but perhaps I got a dodgy bottle?


  1. Oh, I wonder why they've changed the formula? I can't really see a massive difference, but I love the original one (which I've already got) It's one of those polishes you remember to put on every so often and end up staring at your nails all day in wonder isn't it? :D

  2. I'm almost certain I read somewhere that they didn't actually reformulate it that they just put the "one night only" label on it to get past the chipping issues. Lovely though and I hope to pic up a spare bottle xo

  3. I have just bought the new one and really love it, but then I never had the old one. Wish I had them both :(

  4. This is sooooo pretty!!! I so want a holographic polish but so far I have never managed to find one :(

  5. I had the original, it didn't suit me and I sold it! Always regretted it, was going to pick this up just for the sake of it and also to have one for a swap but can't find it anywhere. Seems it's gonna be as elusive as the original!

  6. I can see the subtle differences but not enough to need both. That said, I've already got five silver holos in my stash so there's definitely room for a sixth!

  7. GOSH claims they didn't change the formula.

    I posted another old/new comparison blog post with pictures on their Facebook wall and they responded with this explanation:

    "The nail polish is thicker due to evaporation of the solvents used in the formula. This will happen to all nail polishes during long time storage- the more the nail polish is used, the bigger chance for evaporation. An other factor is off cause if the bottle has been closed tightly after opening.

    We can assure you that it is exactly the same formulation – 100% identical to the old version – why change a success???"
    - GOSH Cosmetics

    Do you buy this explanation? Anyone care to do some experimentation with a little quality polish thinner to test out their theory?

  8. I only own the new one, but after seeing pictures of the old one online I thought the same as you, the new one isn't as holographic as the old one. It's nice enough, but not as vibrant as I thought it would be. So whatever Gosh say, I don't think this is exactly the same formula. I would totally recommend picking this up instead of paying silly money on eBay for the old one though, it's still very pretty. That said, I think Glitter Gal holo polishes are nicer and not that much more expensive. If you're interested, check out my blog: http://pleasureflush.blogspot.com


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