26 August 2012

Review: BIC - Fringe / Bangs

This review has been a long time in the coming, I seem to have forgotten about it!

I ordered this as it was cheap and looked quite full, I have a different clip in fringe which is black but is very thin and looks fake. This one on the other hand is nice and thick which gives a more realistic look.

The fringe does have a couple of colours in it which makes it look more natural. I bought it with the intention of dyeing it but the dye didn't take, so if you were to purchase a clip in fringe I recommend getting a colour to match your hair!
The style is full and quite blunt, it has longer pieces down each side to help it to blend in with your own hair.

As for how it sits, well with the clip you can decide where it sits on your head. If you have it near to the hairline then you can sweep it to the side for a side swept look, or further back for a more blunt fringe sitting on the eyebrows.

Just cover up where it meets with a hairband or a head scarf. I would have loved to have shown a photo of me wearing it but it seems to have gone walk about with a certain someone with the same colour hair as the fringe!

£1.96 - Buy In Coins


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