16 August 2012

Swatch: Kleancolor - Metallic Sapphire (165)

I got this for stamping with and it does work quite well. It will however stain anything and everything within about a 50 mile radius! It is also a PITA to remove when worn like this.

Opacity: One coater
Finish: Metallic
How Much? 15ml
Brush Type: Standard
Anything Else? Smells BAD


  1. yes, yes. but its AWESOME.
    the kc metallics are a nightmare to remove, cleanup, smell while using, clean off your stamper, dry so quick when stamping - but nothing compares to their awesome!

  2. It's a lovely colour. I've used lots of Kleancolors and can't say I've noticed them smelling too bad! I have to agree with you both, some of them are tough to remove! I have to say though, in my experience they are always very slow drying.

    They have such a wide range so many cool ones! Metallic White is very pretty and Gorgeous Surprise is amazing!

    1. i don't have either of those colours, i do want the white for stamping with and I'll have a look for swatches for the other one :)


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