28 August 2012

Tutorial: Seaside Nails

This tutorial was requested by Samantha I did these nails originally as part of 'Summer 2012 Nail Challenge' and that being seaside and shells. How are they done? Its quite easy really and I think the slapdash nature of it makes for a better beach.

What will you need?

Start off with a nice beige polish base, this will make it easier for the rest of the polish to adhere to and fill in any blank spaces you might end up with. Once that is fully dry you then can use the sponge and add a little yellow / orange gradient for the sky. If you are wondering how to do a gradient check out Sammy's tutorial.

Moving on to the sponged sea. Make sure to build up a full opacity over the length of the nail.

Using the nail art pen, or a paintbrush in white polish draw a few squiggles over the sea part of the nail.

Add a couple of 'M' shapes for seagulls.

Paint on a topcoat and clean up any mess around the nails you have made, and that is it done.


  1. If only we could all say we've lived at the beach this summer....

  2. I'm so excited that you did this!!1 I can't wait to try it!


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