12 August 2012

Tutorial: Sock Bun Curls (No Heat)

You will need:- Hair mousse, this one is from Superdrug
and I don't particularly like it but it does its job, preferable
not one as sticky as this

- Hair brush

- An old sock, make sure its clean!
So you begin by cutting off the toe part of your sock, doesn't have to be neat

Begin the rolling, I started at the cut open toe end

Keep going until its turned in to a doughnut shape

To stop the massive amount of photos taking over I have attempted to put a read more jump, fingers crossed this worked!

Put some mousse on your brush

Brush it through your hair

Wrap the end of your hair around the doughnut, tuck the ends under and then twist

 Keep on rolling the doughnut up your hair until it reaches your scalp

I usually end up wearing this overnight so my hair dries and has some chance at staying in a style. In the above photo I did it in princess Leila style, splitting my hair in two and doing two buns. If I am sleeping with this in I prefer to do it all in one sock bun on top of my head (such an attractive look ^_^)

Roll out the sock bun, I found a curl!


Once you have the curls you can do what you want with them. Brush them through with your fingers for that beachy wave look, run your fingers through a couple of times with a defining serum to get some defined frizz free curls. Spritz with some hairspray to help keep them in place. Tie your hair up with a little added interest. 

Hope that made some sense!

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