18 September 2012

Swatch: A England - Lady of the Lake (The Mythicals)

I got this for my birthday and it is stunning!

Holographic polish, described as a dusky purple. I would describe it as a dusky mauve colour, the photos aren't all that colour accurate. The outdoor photos are better than the indoor ones although the shade is a few tones deeper. Holo wise the photos are accurate, not too much in your face especially indoors. Stunning in the sunlight!

I used two coats of the polish and its wonderfully pigmented, 3 free, not animal tested, great bottle shape, brush is standard. Amazing.

Also I really like my nail length in these photos!


  1. lady of thr lake is a lovely colour, n love yr bee stingers

  2. some ladybirds next or caterpillars perhaps?


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