24 October 2012

ABC Nail Challenge: G is for Ghoulish

G is for Ghoulish, so I may be pushing it a little with the Ghoulish theme here but I just had to share these nails. This is part of the ABC Nail Challenge being done over at Llama Nails. Originally they were to be entered in a competition but I must not have done enough stamping for that. Anyhow, on to the nails...

Anyone remember these?

Meg and Mog was originally a set of children's books, but apparently later on it was turned into a cartoon. I must be a bit old to have known about the cartoon but I do remember the books.


  1. Used to love these books!!

  2. omggggggggggg! i loved these books! great manicure! xx

  3. I totally remember Meg n Mog and watching them on tv. Great mani!

  4. Lovein these , I remember reading these books to my daughter , she is now 20 wow time flies fast :D I really love these very clever !

    1. I'm so glad people remember these. Everyone i showed irl had no clue! Lol!


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