5 October 2012

Empties: September 2012

Seem to have used up more Lush than anything!

Lush - Magic Wand
My Review- Not sure if this is still in the shops, but it isn't something I would repurchase unfortunatly!
Lush - Candy Fluff
This is one of my go to scents, smells of Snow Fairy. All pink and girly, it is amazing. You can only get this once a year from the forum party, and only then if enough people voted for it. I will be repurchasing it if it ever comes back in to being!!!
Sleek - Cremé to Powder Foundation
My Review - So this isn't actually empty, I have been trying about once a month in various different ways to make this foundation work for me. But it isn't and that is annoying. As much as I don't like throwing something out I am going to, makes me sad how much this product failed me.

Lush - Twilight Bath Ballistic
My Review. Not something I will be repurchasing, but not a horrific experience. Just a little pink, glittery and not my preferred scent.
Batiste - Dry Shampoo - Cool, Crisp and Fresh
I seem to get a different scent of this everytime I get a new one. This one is quite fresh as the name suggests but there is a coconut scent to it, which is off putting for me as I don't like it. I am trying to get in to the scent of coconut but years and years of ingrained scent hatered takes some getting rid of! Yes it is a little white when first applied but once you have massaged it in the white doesnt show up on dark hair.
Lush - Gumback Express Smoothie Shower Scrub
My Review. This is a retro item so hard to get your hands on, I won't be getting it again.


  1. I really like this feature, it's clever and informative. Xo

  2. I dont think I will bother with the reusable bath bombs/wands after Ive used mine up, they break apart too easily and because they get all wet theyre harder to store because they go all melty XD


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