2 October 2012

Review: BIC - Belt Bracelet

You may have already seen this in my monthly shopping 'haul'. As I have a very tight budget to stick to, unless I am bought something for I have to go for low cost things.

Having one of those awful days, I ended up buying two bracelets. This one and another, both were around the 60p mark so not breaking the bank either.

This one is a fake leather belt style wrap bracelet. It doesn't feel too breakable and I think it should last a good while. Its a bit different which is what appealed to me.

I have been sent items from BuyInCoins before to review, this isn't one of those. Besides if something is really rubbish then I will be honest. No point in lying!


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1 comment:

  1. Great Idea I've seen people use belts in there hair as well!

    Jazz x


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