12 October 2012

Review: BIC - Double Zip Bracelet

You may have already seen this in my monthly shopping 'haul'. As I have a very tight budget to stick to, unless I am bought something for I have to go for low cost things.

Having one of those awful days, I ended up buying two bracelets. This one and another, both were around the 60p mark so not breaking the bank either.

This one is actually supposed to be an anklet, however I am very ticklish and so couldn't wear it as such! Luckily it fits around the wrist and so it is now a bracelet. Has two working zips on it which move, but the zip itself doesn't zip up. Its a bit different which is what appealed to me.

It seems a bit cheaply made, and I feel as if the material may come away from the metal. Also the clasp doesn't feel too secure and may break.

For the price I wouldn't be too disappointed to wear it a dozen times before it broke. But it is something you would want to be aware of.
 I have been sent items from BuyInCoins before to review, this isn't one of those. Besides if something is really rubbish then I will be honest. No point in lying!

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  1. This is absolutely awesome! I've bought off Buy In Coins once before and they do have quite the selection of quirky, funky jewellery. (I also identify with the whole tight budget thing, haha).

    Great post!


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