23 October 2012

Review: Lush - Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

"The design was created by our Newcastle shop manager who wanted a bubble bar to perk her up in preparation for her night down the “toon”. She put a lovely yellow crescent moon on top of a blue sky because in Newcastle when the moon is shining, it’s time to go out! For most people though, the moon means sleepy time. Simon Constantine created a beautifully feminine jasmine and ylang ylang perfume, which is fantastic for calming and relaxing you and inspiring confidence. On Christmas Eve children find it difficult to sleep while Father Christmas could be flying around in his sleigh delivering presents and they don’t want to miss him. Use one to send them to sleep"

I didn't actually realise this was created in Newcastle! A nice little snippet of information there. With the name you would be right in assuming that this is a limited edition item from Lush, this is for Christmas. It has been coming out for christmas for a couple of years and am crossing my fingers that it will be again for 2012! EDIT: Yes this has come out for 2012! 

As this is a bubble bar I crumbled it up under a running hot tap and it made so many bubbles and the scent was really of jasmine and nice and womanly. This would work equally as well halved but I needed cheering up and so used the whole thing.

I didn't cocktail this, didn't need to as along with all the bubbles it scented the water and also made it go a lovely light purple shade. I didn't fall asleep after using, then again I haven't been excited as a child on Christmas in some time!

The scent didn't linger too long on my skin, didn't dry it out (or leave it oily) and thankfully there was no glitter or pieces of flower left in the bath afterwards making clean up simple. Looks a little bit different this year:
[photo credit: Lush UK]

Would repurchase again (and again)!

Recommend to people who like bubbles and feminine jasmine scents.

£2.95 - Lush


  1. Thanks for the review, theres been loads of Lush baths in my feed today! :D
    Im always greatful to hear which have glitter in to try avoid it XD haha

    1. yes glitter not so good! I imagine its because its getting colder. I prefer to have bath's in winter rather than summer for some reason?


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