7 November 2012

Empties: October 2012

Nivea Pure and Simple Sample
Nice enough body lotion, nothing amazing so I won't be purchasing this full sized

Lush Bubble Bar - Three Gold Rings 
I liked this, but too glittery! - review here

Lush Lip Balm - Maple Taffy
Really liked the scent of this but it was slightly grainy in texture towards the bottom - review here

MUA Mascara
I have repurchased this in the past but I won't be again soon, purely as I have enough to use up.

Lush Temple Balm - Woosh!
Really found this a waste of time, I tried using it when I was at uni in incredibly boring quantitative statistics lectures. Not sure why they planned those for 9am! Even at times where it wasn't so difficult to concentrate I found this didn't do anything. After a while it went really sticky too which is a shame.

Lush Bubble Bar - Christmas Eve
Liked this, if you want to know more then you can see a proper review here

I saw a post over here and it has a really good photo using straws explaining the structure of the nail, so check it out if you are interested.


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