16 November 2012

Review: Bundle Monster Nail Rings

So every package ever headed my way from Bundle Monster has been well wrapped and nothing has been damaged in shipping, which is always a concern especially when receiving parcels from overseas.

Even inside of the bubble wrapped package the rings themselves were well packaged inside of a handy drag string bag, and inside that little resealable plastic bags.

So basically these are nail rings, or shields. Inside of each set is a selection of five different none adjustable rings. You find the one which fits each finger best and simply slip them over the finger tip.

Or something different which you can see in some of these pictures.

This is set two, black rhinestone encrusted with black metal base.

"Want a new look? Experience the new look of these awesomely cool nail rings - its the trendiest fashion out there and SO MUCH FUN! This set comes in a 5 piece set, one of each of your nails as each ring fits over your finger(s) tips and shape lays over the top your nail. Each ring is unbelievably sturdy so you don't have to worry about breaking a nail so enjoy the manicure you can wear every day"


Bundle Monster has four different designs:
1) Clear rhinestone encrusted, silver colored metal ring with a coiled snake design with blunt nail tips. 
2) Black rhinestone encrusted, black colored metal ring with claw-like pointed nail tips. 
3) Gold colored metal ring with coiled snake design with blunt nail tips. 
4) Medieval looking gold colored metal ring with long pointed nail tips.

$9.50 - Bundle Monster
(veterinarian day sale is now on so there is $1 off depending on design you choose)

[sent for reviewing purposes, this doesn't affect my honest opinion]


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