13 November 2012

Review: Ciaté Mini Mani Month Calendar

When I first saw this I just thought it was a wonderful idea. Then I heard bad things, which is why when it came up on QVC UK I got it, as they have a solid returns policy.


The three exclusive shades are: 
Glass Slipper 001
 Enchanted Rose 003
Magic Carpet 005

A quick peek at whats inside...

The pearl bottles don't have cute bows
All bottles are fully labelled, front and back
None of the brushes are bent, or wonky
All bottles were easy to open and only one had polish around the neck of the bottle

Now for the negatives, all of the bottles with smudges on the label didn't look as if there was polish missing from the bottles so unsure if the polish came from that bottle or not.

Day 4 - Mistress 039 - Damaged front label
Day 7 - Dangerous Affair 013 - Slight smudge of polish on label
Day 12 - Ladylike Luxe 059 - Slight smudge of polish on label
Day 15 - Big Yellow Taxi 074 - Polish has leaked down the neck of the bottle
Day 20 - Fade to Greige 071 - Slight smudge of polish on label

The polish smudging was minor and purely superficial and easy to resolve. Issues I found unacceptable were with the leak to Big Yellow Taxi, and the physically scratched up label of Mistress.

Overall I liked the idea a lot, and the set itself was good. I was expecting a lot worse from Ciaté in that some people were commenting the brushes were unusable and some of the polishes weren't even labelled. I still have issues with Ciaté as a company around the whole caviar manicure fiasco.

Worked out at around £1.20 or less for each product.



  1. This looks really cute! Tempted to get one! x

  2. I don't think you're supposed to have opened it yet you know...:p I love this idea though. The only thing that would be better is nail polish AND chocolate.

    1. :P don't you know your allowed to open the doors and peek but not eat the chocolate. Thought the same would go for polish, look at the pretties but not use them!

  3. I have one of these on it's way to me from QVC too, My man gave his little surprise away so I will be taking at peek at mine and making sure all is ok. Thanks for sharing this x

    1. yeah I'd try convince him to let you quickly check things first. Wouldn't want a bad 'suprise' after all!

    2. Mine came but the fella gave it to my mother under strict instructions, I convinced her to let me check it out as I'd heard negatives and I must be one of the lucky ones as mine looks fine no polish leaks or smudges everything looks intact. x

    3. That is great news! Not long to wait now before you get to play :)


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