27 November 2012

Review: Lush - Irresistible Bliss

I am a big fan of solid shampoo bars, even with my long hair these always last a long time. I would say a shampoo bar lasts me 2 - 3 months, the key is just to store it properly. Otherwise it will last about five uses, which is not good! Fits well in your hand too, nothing too big and clunky to work with.

Wet your hair, swirl the bar around the top of your head a couple of times and then get to work lathering with your fingertips. Very easy to use, just make sure you have a soap dish with a drip tray to put it on. Check the soap dish isn't swimming with water to melt your shampoo bar and don't store it in the shower.

This particular shampoo bar is apparently designed for 'normal' aka perfect hair. My hair type is normal but does need lots of  moisture as it is quite old especially at the ends of the length, but that is more of a challenge for my conditioner. 

Lathers really well, as do all of the Lush shampoo bars I have tried (Jumping Juniper, NEW!, Godiva, Seanik, Karma Komba, Soak and Float, Ultimate Shine, Dr Peppermint, Squeaky Green, Soft, Hard).

Smell is slightly floral but to be honest it doesn't linger in the hair and is pretty much scent free. No chance of a clash with your conditioner which is always useful.

Retro product which means you can't actually buy this in store but online only.


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