8 November 2012

Review: Miss Sporty - GOTH ME UP Black Top Coat

Firstly a quick skittle set of nails to show the top coat over a range of shades. The concept behind this goth me up top coat is to darken things down and tone down neons and bright polishes.

The polish itself is a thin, almost watery black polish. Difficult to work with and particularly streaky.


  1. Ooo very interesting, thanks for the review :D

  2. I just used it over Collection 2000 'Hot Looks' in Hip Hop (a bright neon orange). I used two coats of 'Goth Me Up' and the effect is great. Looks like my nails have bit dipped in blood. Very GOFFICK! :-)

    1. I did have that polish but used it up :( I do have a similar neon so will be trying this out :) thanks Helen!


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