30 November 2012

Review: Montagne Jeunesse - Prickly Pear Peel Off Mask

"Native to the Western Hemisphere, Prickly Pear helps protect skin from the Earth’s daily assaults whilst Mangosteen has powerful free radical scavengers (antioxidants) – How’s that for a boost?" - Montagne Jeunesse

The first thing you will notice is this mask smells really nice! Again I think that is coming from the Prickly Pear. The packaging isn't the easiest to get in to, even with the pre-cut tear section.

I really like the peel off masks, something satisfying about peeling it off. Might come from peeling PVA glue off fingers as a child? The concept of stopping free radicals is a great one, not sure how that works when it comes to face masks but its much better than some cosmetic products which have all kinds of baddies in them.

Easy Peeling? - It peeled off in one piece which is amazing! I don't think I have ever tried a peel off mask from this brand, or other brands which had done that before. So there was none of that annoying picking little bits off. It didn't stick too badly to my eyebrows which some peel off masks have in the past and pulled out eyebrow hairs. Not a good look!

When it first goes on it is sticky and feels wet.

You will know when it is dry because to touch it, it feels dry but also your face will feel very tight. Will look  less wet too.

Overall I really liked this mask, especially how it lives up to its easy peel claim. Nice and animal friendly with natural ingredients as always from Montagne Jeunesse. Would recommend this and will be purchasing this in the future.

Montagne Jeunesse | Superdrug | Asda

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  1. I have the same love for peeling too, nothing better than glue fingers as a child :D

    Good to hear it peels off in one, I hate when they break apart :(


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