12 November 2012

Review: Nail Art Brushes

 I needed some smaller paint brushes for doing smaller details, I am reluctant to fork out a lot of money on a proper artist brush as they get very expensive. Ideally I would opt for a 0000 brush or even a 00000 but as I say they are expensive and acetone kills the brush far to fast for my liking.

So for the grand price of 99p these three brushes winged their way over from Hong Kong in around three weeks. They were really well packaged and they seem to do their job well enough. I guestimate that the smallest brush is around 0, so the hunt for a cheap teeny detail brush is still on. However these do get their fair share of use when I am freehanding some kind of nail art.

eBay - 99p


  1. You know, I just picked up a couple of brushes from a model shop. They're designed to withstand paint and solvents plus they also have some super thin ones. It's worth checking out!

    Love the blog by the way xx

    1. i did have a proper art one but it was quite expensive :( thank you for your comments .


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