2 November 2012

Shopping: October 2012

Well October turned out to be a bit more of a retail therapy sort of a month. Luckily I found another old mobile phone to sell to pay for things, really if you have any lying about do think about selling them. 
Compare places to sell to find best deal for you: Mobile Valuer also eBay is good but can be more hassle.

Buy any two Barry M Polishes and get a free croc effect

Finally got a replacement for the Miracle Concentrate I spilt 3/4 of the bottle of and then managed to lose the dregs of... Bargain 900ml Tresemme Conditioner for £2. Plus as they came with the food shop they don't count!

Leighton Denny QVC UK TSV

L'Occitane Hand Cream free with magazine, came with a Dove conditioner to try too

I also did a swap with Lara of Every Beauty Addict's Bible
Essence - Blue Addicted
Essence - Chic Reloaded
Essence - Waterproof Eyeliner

Then I got a couple of things from Dyna's Random Blog sale
Essence - Love Top Coat
Essence - Pop Top Coat
Essence - Midnight Date Polish Duo
Catrice - Have You Seen Alice Eyeshadow

I seem to have been getting a lot of Essence, really they need to come to England.
The UK is in Europe and its a european company, so hurry up and come to this island!

Sally's - Another bottle of acetone
Wilkinson's - Acetone Free polish remover 
Product itself is fine but the bottle is awful. Lid doesn't secure liquid inside and it had a teeny hole to get liquid out which doesn't help it get on the cotton ball.
Wilkinsons - Metallic Paint in silver

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