18 November 2012

Storage: Eyeliners

If you want any in depth reviews or have any questions just ask.

My eyeliners are all stored within a draw

First looking at ELF's Waterproof Eyeliner Pen's

My main issue is the vast difference in quality and size of the nibs, also they dry out within three months

Liquid Eyeliners

All of these are good, I have been using more gel liner at the moment and forgot how much I like the look of liquid eyeliner. Only drawback is you have to keep your eye closed until it dries, otherwise it may imprint on the top lid.

The the gel / cream eyeliners

Mostly I tend to wear black, the maybelline one is amazing. The ELF (gunmetal review) ones are good as well but not quite as long lasting.

Mechanical Eyeliners, these are the ones which wind up and save you finding a pencil sharpener

These really don't last long, good for smudging though. The ELF one is particularly rubbish, I did a review of that here if you are interested.

And finally all of the kohl type eyeliners

I really like the ELF Shimmer pencil as its got a sharpener attached, which comes in very useful. Saves you digging about in draws for a sharpener when you are already running late.

Phew! No wonder I had been putting off running through all of the eyeliners in my stash.

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