2 December 2012

Ciate: Mini Mani Month Day 6 - Bumble Bee


Behind the sixth door of the Ciate Mini Mani Month Calendar is a little bottle of bumble bee which you probably guessed is the second caviar pearl set so far. Great little snippet of infomation there about the nails taking about three months to grow out.


In this pearl mix are yellow and black steel balls, which I really like. It actually suits it's name of Bumble Bee. No hex shaped glitter or anything else, just the same sized steel balls.




  1. Aargh - how come you're opening day 6 - it's only the 2nd still ;))

    1. lol! I'm counting down to winter solstice which is 21st of Dec. If your counting down to Christmas that'll be why you are a few days behind :p


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