6 December 2012

Empties: November 2012

TRESemmé Split Remedy Conditioner - Nice but I didn't find any difference with split ends, I would consider repurchasing this.

Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner - Again nice enough but colour mate doesn't have my favorite scent. So won't be repurchasing this.

Lush - Phoenix Rising - Bath Ballistic 
This is different from anything else I have used before, it sank to the bottom and started spilling out flumes of different colours. Very nice and different but it left a residue which was annoying to remove from the bath.
Lush - Melting Snowman - Bath Melt
Little snowman is so cute and it made me not want to really use it. Made the water a milky colour and was moisturizing with a light scent.
Lush - Maple Taffy - Lipbalm
Got this as a freebie a while ago, while I liked it I have lots of others on the go so no need to repurchase. Full review here.
ELF - Black Polish
Its a good black, works for stamping too but for me not worth the price rise to £2.50. Won't be repurchasing this, more likely to go for the W7 version which is the same but 15ml and £2.
ELF - Smokey Brown Polish
Again its a nice enough polish and formulation no complaints but again because of the price rise I won't be repurchasing.
V05 - Miracle Concentrate
Finally found the almost empty bottle (knew it would turn up once I had replaced it). Love this, and have already repurchased. Recommend it to anyone with hair ;) 
Snow Fairy - Lush - Shower Gel
Love this and I am sure I have said before I like to stock up and use it throughout the year.


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