26 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Purples

As I have so many purples I've broken this down to two parts

Barry M - Berry Ice Cream, Color Club - Pucciliscious, Ylim Mood - #15, China Glaze - Grape Pop, Barry M - Dusky Mauve, Miss Sporty - 330, Max Factor - Meteorite  ELF - Party Purple, ELF - Royal Purple, Barry M - Indigo

Cutting those down to three was not an easy task! A vibrant lilac, creamy, neon Pucci-Liscious. Dusky Mauve which is a really nice polish at first glance its a bit of a boring greige but it as this purple shimmer running through it. makes it special.

Barry M Indigo wins hands down, it's very vibrant and always perks me up while I am wearing it.

Second half of the purples...
Stargazer - Purple Chrome, Ciaté - Wait After Dark, Barry M - Blackberry, Stargazer - 161, No.7 - Violetta, OPI - Honk if you Love OPI, Rimmel - Hard Edged, Models Own - Purple Mystique, Rimmel - Night Before, ELF - Plum, Orly - Fowl Play, NYX - Purple Ink, ELF - Party Purple, ELF - Dark Purple Glitter, OPI - Nevermore

Got those purples down to four and added in the Indigo from before.

Final three are Barry M - Indigo, Orly - Fowl Play and NYX - Purple Ink

And finally the winner is, NYX! Very difficult to choose, ended up with this as Fowl Play is a flakie which stunning but I prefer something a little more versatile. The NYX can be worn alone or with nail art so that's why it got picked.


  1. Plenty of purples!
    I have a lovely Barry M purple that looks like a Cadbury wrapper :D nom

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  3. Did you see Bourjois' So Laque Bleu Violet?

    I am so glad someone was able to capture this out-of-this-world color!
    It's such a clean, very deep bluish purple, it makes me shiver. No hint of plum there! It is just like a laser beam surging out at the perfect distance between the deepest blue and purple.
    Here's a picture: http://lolaattitude.blogspot.ca/2011/04/electrify-me-ou-comment-se-prendre-un.html

    This color reminds me of my granny's blue purple glass art piece whose color I used to get lost in as a kid. I could have stayed there forever.
    I dreamed of finding it back for many years. I collected glass antiques and paint tubes in hope of finding this intensity again.

    Now I can put it on my nails! :-D


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