23 December 2012

Nail Polish: Battle of the Silver / Grey

Second post in this series and today we are looking at all the silvers and grey polishes, which wins?

Primark - Glo Baby Glo, Stargazer - Silver Chrome, George - Witchcraft, Miss Sporty - 420, ELF - Metal Madness, Revlon - Steel Me, OPI - My Private Jet, Models Own - Gunmetal

These were my top two of the grey / silvers, Metal Madness is a lovely silver polish with a whole load of almost holo glitter packed in. Gunmetal is a perfect metal polish without being a cream, chrome or a shimmer polish.

And the winner is Models Own Gunmetal!


  1. Has all the metallic silver paint come off your Stargazer too? It started peeling off mine and looked messy so I had to pick it all off!!

    1. lol yes same happened to me. Couldn't help but pick the rest off. Same with the blue chrome.


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