4 December 2012

Review: Bundle Monster - Stamping Plate Wallet


Until now it has been left to us to create our own storage for the plates, until Bundle Monster came up with their own version. Perfect for storing the Bundle Monster nail plates!

At the moment there is only one plate wallet to choose from but who knows in the future there could be more colours and designs.

First thing I would like to point out is that this is advertised as a 'Leather Case Organizer  however it is mock croc and fully synthetic. It is black in crocodile skin texture, which is good for keeping a grip on the wallet as once it is loaded with all your plates it can get quite heavy!


The inside is lined with a flocked velvet like material, and has a great zip around the wallet to hold in any plates you may store in there not inside of the designed pockets.

You can fit 168 plates inside, each pocket is designed to hold two plates back to back so no chance of them damaging each other.

You will be able to see twelve plates all at once which makes picking out your image simple.

Stamping plates fit snuggly inside of the pockets, there is a small lip for you to easily slide out your desired stamping plate.

The plastic pages are strong and you can tell they are capable of withstanding lots of use. It is a matte finish and you can easily see through the plastic to the designs, which is what you want.

Each slot fits a 5.6 cm nail plate inside, which is your Bundle Monster and Konad plates, possibly other circular 5.6 cm or smaller plates too. It is a tight fit for hex shaped plates but you can fit them in there with a circular one in the pouch too. Cheeky Plates CH30 - CH55 do not fit.

Really well designed and made, will last a long time and definitely allows your stamping plate to grow quite substantially. Of course if you have more than 168 plates you may need to get more than the one wallet.

I have all three Bundle Monster nail plates as well as a couple of Konad and they fit wonderfully, and I still have enough space to double my collection. Would really recommend this product.

$14.99 - Bundle Monster

[sent for reviewing purposes, this doesn't affect my honest opinion]


  1. I'm glad you reviewed this , it is something I may have to purchase in the new year ;)

    1. Yes if you have circular stamping plates then I really do recommend this :)


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