10 December 2012

Swatch: Ninja Polish - No Peeking

Now that is is December I can post this festive polish without bit being too early!

This is a glitter polish from Ninja Polish, as you can see the glitter is suspended in a clear polish base, there is star shaped holo glitter shapes, red, green and silver hex glitter and small green glitter.

While the polish is wearable without any base polish I do recommend wearing undies. At three coats and above you can easily go undies free.

 It does leave a texture to the finish and so a thick top coat will be needed but with this much glittery goodness I think you will all expect that.

Ninja Polish is 4 free and this one has 15ml inside the bottle. Brush is a standard one, nothing special to note about it.

Base polish below is: Rimmel - Camouflage 830, a mid green.


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