21 December 2012

Tutorial: Glitter Coated Nails

I got some cosmetic glitter earlier this year but before I got around to posting my how to: Über Glitter, Nails Inc decided to bring out their own version. Bling It On. Great mind's think alike and all that! If you want to see / buy their version you can; here.

So this is my how to, Bling it On if you like without the pricetag! Perfect for New Year's Eve, because nails this glitter infested cannot be achieved with mere polish.

Step One)
Paint your nails, I used ELF Black. 

Step 2)
Get your glitter, mine is Stargazer - Hologram. Make sure to put down some newspaper or an old magazine. 

Step 3) Paint a layer of topcoat on to the nail (working one by one) and stick your finger in to the glitter, rolling it to make sure your nail is coated in the sparkles.

Step 4) Use a make up brush to flick off any excess glitter. Pat the glitter down on to the nail. I only did an accent nail but feel free to go mad and do all of them! Et Voilá you are done!

I got my holographic hair and body glitter from: here they do loads of different colours. I like the look of Onyx Black. What do you think of the glitter encrusted nail look?


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