31 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Recreation

Last day of the 31 Day Challenge, and the challenge today is to recreate a manicure which someone else has done. I am recreating is Superficially Colorfu and her converse trainer manicure.

Base Polish: La Femme - Grey Cream

30 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Favourite Technique

I really like stamping, it is relatively easy to do and easy to do on both hands.

Base Polish: Models Own - True Blue
Stamping Polish: Stargazer - Silver Chrome
Stamping Plate: Cheeky 36, QA5

29 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Blogger

An attempt at a OPI Spotted, water marble. Cute Polish is where I got my tutorial from. 

Did it work? Not as well as hers did!

28 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Favourite Colour

Day 28 and the challenge is to do some nail art inspired by my favourite colour...

Base Polish: NYX Girls - Purple Ink
Spots Polish: Barry M - Retro Blue

27 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Yourself

Now this, hands down was the hardest challenge for me. What do I inspire? No idea.

Ended up going with black magnetic polish with a circular magnet and a black rhinestoned nail ring.

Barry M - Magnetic Dark Silver
Magnet is from MUA
Bundle Monster - Black Nail Ring

26 January 2013

52 Week Challenge: Inspired by Your Country

I decided to try freehanding some flowers which didn't work out as well as I thought they might. They are inspired by Cath Kidson, she was born in England.

Base Polish: La Femme - Figg
WAH / Models Own Striper - White
Ciaté - Cupcake Queen
Green Nail Art Pen

25 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Childhood

During my childhood I lived pretty much in the middle of a field. 90% of the time surrounded by sheep and occasionally by cows. When the sheep were lambs they would escape from the fields as the fences weren't lamb proof, sometimes I would come out of my bedroom and find lambs in the hallway. Which is where the inspiration came from today:

Polishes Used:
Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Ciaté - Mojito

Stamping Plate: S10 (Fauxnad)

24 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Game

This unfortunately got all smudged with the topcoat! But this is inspired by domino's;

 Base Polish: Sally Hansen - Lavender Cloud
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black
Stamping Plate: Cheeky 39

23 January 2013

ABC Challenge: T is for Trumpet

While T may be for Trumpet I think these are saxophones.

Base Polish: Essence - Chic Reloaded
Stamping Polish: Ebalay - Rose Gold 004
Stamping Plate: Cheeky 030

31 Day Challenge: Inspired By Nature

I could have done something a lot more I think, but I just had to try out my new Cheeky stamping plates!

Stamping Polish: George @ Asda - Molton Metals Party Animal 05
Base Polish: Barry M - Blackberry (Gelly)
Stamping Plate: Cheeky 033

21 January 2013

31 Day Challenge: Merge

Merge or Melt was the challenge for today.

Polishes Used:
~ La Femme - Ultra Gold 135
~ La Femme - Chic 10
~ ELF - Purple Dream

20 January 2013

Stamping on Sunday: Accent Nail

This is what I ended up doing for the challenge today...

Base Polish: La Femme - Chic 10
Stamping Polish: ELF - Black
Stamping Plate: Bundle Monster 310

Swatch: Leighton Denny - Razzmatazz


Opaque in three coats, the finish is matte and does have a slight texture (left photo). The photo on the right is with one coat of thick top coat which almost makes the polish come to life.

£11 - 12ml